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Fred’s Update  -  September 2023  

Real Estate Sales -- King & Snohomish County Washington

​With the return of higher interest rates over 6%, (a 14 YEAR HIGH) this has contributed to our market cooling, but  we're still seeing excellent sales activity. We're headed back to a NORMAL market, instead of a highly emotional market.

Not knowing what the economic outlook will bring us in 2024, my advice is if you are considering selling in the next few years, you should consider selling now. The past few years of incredible value increases is over. We now have stabilization and may enter a downturn in property values the next 24 months.

I’m receiving many cash offers for my clients.

 Paperwork is handled electronically. Electronic signatures are the norm without having to go to a title company or escrow office to sign documents.

One of my recent sellers was so panicked about the virus, they wouldn’t leave their home and wouldn't allow anyone to come to their home to sign documents...the closing was handled electronically via ZOOM.

I want to go through the steps of hiring me to represent you. It starts with a simple phone call or email and introduction of yourself and your property.

1. After I get basic information from your email or phone call, I will drive by the property and review any interior photos you have.

2. I will conduct an in depth analysis of your property based on several factors and determine a valuation range.

3. We will discuss the current market and specific details of your property and its location.

4. Once we establish the valued price range, I will send you disclosure forms required by the state of Washington along with our listing agreement allowing me to market the property and bring you qualified offers. We can meet or you can sign electronically to begin the marketing and sale process.

5.  Your tenants don't need to be aware the property is being marketed until we have an accepted offer…unless you choose to. My experience is to not trouble them until we have an acceptable offer in hand. If you have a property manager, you don't need to inform them until we receive qualified offers.

6. No sign is placed on the property…all my marketing and expertise bring in only qualified buyers. Serious buyers understand the process and my job is to avoid the weak buyers and unsophisticated investors.

7. Once we receive qualified offers, it’s my job to determine the most motivated buyer and the best financially qualified buyer to work with.

8. After the offer is accepted, I will arrange a viewing of one or all of the units. Some sellers want me to arrange this with legal notifications or a phone call. Some sellers prefer to make the contact or have the property manager involved at this point. My assistant Lucy is great at making the tenants feel at ease and keeping them comfortable, as she will be conducting the viewing. Sometimes a woman’s touch calms a nervous tenant.

Preferably the buyer’s inspection will be conducted at this time to keep tenant disruption to a minimum otherwise it will need to be arranged soon after the viewing. We will be there.

9. Appraisal. Unless it’s a cash offer, a quick viewing of all units by the lender’s appraiser will be needed. We can arrange and will be there.

10. Close……$$$$$

Hope you are well...stay safe

When it’s time to sell, don’t choose an amateur….. hire a specialist.                                                                                                                        Choose Fred Grunewald / Multifamily Specialist 425- 326-0125                           

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In this ever-changing market, the decision to buy or sell a property can be met with both excitement and trepidation.  When you’ve decided that now is the time, the choice of an experienced agent to guide you through the process, help you make the right decisions and avoid common troubles along the way is one of the most important real estate decisions you can make.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home or investment property, you’ve come to the right spot. Whatever your real estate needs, I can help you reach your goals with confidence. First licensed in 1985, I have extensive knowledge that most brokers do not have.

Having worked with a vast amount of Boeing and Microsoft engineers, who demand exact answers and follow through, my clients depend on me to get the job done right. I do not use pressure tactics to convince them to sell at a lower price or buy at a higher price. I provide professional service and facts that combines my knowledge and dedication to obtaining great results- Fred Grunewald


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