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Seattle - Magnolia

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Seattle - Maple Leaf

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Chris Scott has been a consistent  builder in the King County area and has established a reputation for maximizing value for its clients while fostering long-term relationships built on integrity, trust and service. I've worked with Chris Scott for over two decades. His team of architects, designers and craftsmen are among the best in the business - Fred Grunewald

Meet Your Partner


Bellevue - Woodridge

12979 SE 23rd St

Tear down and new construction projects....   ALL SOLD

Building a new custom home on your lot or tearing down an old home and building a new modern home for resale, Prescott Custom Homes can partner with you to achieve your goals.


1512 SW 160th St

Bellevue/Seattle tear-down partnership program

Bellevue - Somerset

13018 SE 45th Ct

We have decades of experience in every aspect of land development, home construction and construction management.

Our services range from the simplest of jobs of zoning and property conversion all the way up to short plat/sub-divisions.

Let us help you realize the best use for your property to capture its highest dollar.

Managing Land Assets

• Due Diligence
• Project Management
• Feasibility Analysis
• Property Preservation
• Fee Builder


We work with award winning and local architects who’ve designed many beautiful homes in King County and understand weather, codes, and other nuances that will save you time and money. Collaborate with the best interior design professionals to make each home uniquely yours with modern flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, lighting and colors.

Together we’ll carefully consider needs, wants, construction techniques, budget and timing considerations.  Applying a multidisciplinary approach and our knowledge, we help you create enduring value and minimize construction time and costs. Together we’ll reduce stress and allow you to enjoy the process as you create plans for your new home - Christopher J. Scott